Open-Source OKR Management

OKR API is an open-source, API first solution for integrating OKR into your apps.

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Screenshot: OKR API management interface


OKR API offers a novel approach to OKR management


  • Built with Strapi
  • Community-maintained
  • MIT licence

API first

  • Integrate anywhere
  • Headless OKR management
  • RESTful or GraphQL


  • Customizable content model
  • Plugin architecture
  • Documentation
Screenshot: creating an objective in the OKR API Creating objectives and key results in OKR API

Create, manage, deploy

  • Create OKRs in a friendly interface
  • Manage metrics and log results
  • Deploy OKRs anywhere

Use Cases

Lot’s of solutions exist for managing OKRs.
OKR API is the only solution that lets you


Have a use case not covered by other solutions? Building your own OKR app? Require integrations with an existing third-party?

OKR API makes no assumptions about what you'll do with it, it's yours to use freely.


Require custom API calls, permissions policies, or content architecture?

OKR API is built with Strapi: offering robust CMS architecture and documentation to serve a range of unique needs.


Have specific requirements around data security, portability or sovereignty?

OKR API allows you to take control of your data, with a range of deployment and database configurations and built in authentication, user access, and permissions.

Screenshot: example output in JSON Example JSON resonse of objectives endpoint (in Postman)

Get Started

Get OKR API on Github and follow our step by step guide.

Visit Github

# Instal Strapi
npm i strapi -g

# Clone the repo
git clone

# Navigate to folder
cd okr-strapi

# Install dependancies
npm install

strapi develop


Have questions about how your organization can leverage OKR API? Please get in touch.